International Journal of Documentary Heritage (Int J Docum Herit, IJODH)

Official Journal of UNESCO ICDH


pISSN 2288-8187
eISSN 2289-0866

Aim and Scope

The International Journal of Documentary Heritage (IJODH) serves as a distinguished platform for disseminating a broad spectrum of scholarship on the world’s documentary heritage and UNESCO’s Memory of the World (MoW) Programme. Published in print and online formats, the journal fosters in-depth discussions on theory and practice across diverse disciplines.

Content encompasses a wide range of formats, including theoretical essays, empirical research articles, policy briefs, book/exhibition reviews, Memory of the World (MoW) nomination-related contents, training materials, data articles, practical reports, and narratives. This inclusive approach fosters an expansive academic forum.

IJODH prioritizes research that is academically and practically relevant. We strive to provide researchers and experts with timely access to cutting-edge findings and best practices. With a commitment to professionalism, diversity, and inclusivity, the journal plays a vital role in advancing the global understanding of documentary heritage.

IJODH acts as a bridge, connecting diverse groups, cultures, and countries. We actively encourage contributions that incorporate interdisciplinary perspectives and employ innovative research methods. This ensures the journal remains at the forefront of addressing contemporary and unique communication topics in the field.